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Demonstrative Communication Paper


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Demonstrative Communication Paper
Demonstrative communication is one of the most basic but most understood communication methods among people. There are various types of demonstrative communication including, your body language as well as facial expression and the tone you use. I believe this form of communication has the most advantages to any type of communication. Being able to read a person helps understand the information more clear and allows for less misunderstanding.
People, or more specifically humans, have the most intricate form of communication. Invention of many new technologies such as cell phones, computers, and the internet has made nonverbal communication a more used form of speaking. This form of communication makes it much easier to communicate over long distances such as over sea dealings or family that you do not get to see often. These types of communications, as easy as they are to use, will never replace the face to face verbal communication. A great conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee is better than typing and sipping coffee in between typing or texting. When you use nonverbal communication, you have a greater chance of causing misunderstandings. Things like facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language can add much more to a conversation than words can in most instances.

A great example of when verbal communication is the only form of communication that should be used is with a doctor. If a doctor would send you an email to tell you that you had a chronic and terminal form of cancer, you would not understand the words. You would feel the doctor was being insensitive to your condition. But, if the doctor came to you in person, you would understand his feelings. For instance, you can see the doctor’s physical reaction to what he tells you. You can see sympathy in his facial expressions or a simple hug as a physical gesture of communication. Another way to see how verbal communication can be apparent is when a customer gets angry due to something they do not like. Anger can be expressed much better as a verbal communication for no reason but clear facts and they may ask to call the manager and finding a quick a fair resolution for the customer.

“Actions are louder than words.” This statement is one way to describe Demonstrative Communication. When you think about a email you have gotten from a friend you may be fond of. In this email, this person says all the right things and you can believe that