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Annotated Bibliography
Tanya Getchell
Dr. Delores Usea

Annotated Bibliography

Butcher, L. (2012). The mental health crisis. Hospitals & Health Networks/AHA, 86(5), 24-29.
This article discusses how hospitals are working with other providers to find solutions to addressing mental health issues as the need increases and the public funding decreases.

Flaer, P., & Younis, M. (2011). Community Interventions in Bipolar Disorder-when the System Fails. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 7(1), 1-8. This article discusses the interactions of those suffering from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness) with the criminal justice system in the United States. Descriptions are provided for the symptomatology of bipolar disorder and its prevalence. The seriousness of individuals interacting with law enforcement is discussed as it may end up to be a life or death situation for the individuals on both sides. The need for more specialized training for law enforcement and court officials is emphasized.

Melton, G. B. (2010). Putting the “Community” Back into “Mental Health”: The Challenge of a Great Crisis in the Health and Well-being of Children and Families. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 37(1-2), 173-176. This article discusses the increasing trends of anxiety, depression, and misconduct among young people in the United States today. Some of these issues have caused isolation, mistrust, and boredom that causes negative behavior. It also discusses how ongoing social support has been diminishing, particularly for young people. The authors explore the need for a dramatic change in