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Whole Foods; Organizational structure,
HRM 598
March 25, 2014

1. Evaluation of Jobs and Job Structure

2. Process, Techniques, and Factors
In order to reach this conclusion, I read the kind of works and requirements stated in each job description. I chose job H to put at the top of the chart and list as the regional manager because this job seemed to hold the most responsibility. This position rotated among several stores and assisted and supported the Team Leader of the store. I chose job C as the Store manager because it seemed like this position required the most interaction with the Regional Manager and was responsible for team member hiring, development, and terminations. I chose positions G and F as equal supporting positions for the store manager. I did this for position G because it clearly states in the kind of work that it is to report to the prepared foods team leader (position C). I mainly placed position F in this position because it is responsible for problem solving in the event that the team leader or associate team leader are absent. Positions D and A report to position G because they are team members who strictly deal with food preparation. I have positions E, I, and B reporting to position F. These three positions deal more with the logistical running of the store. Positoin E maintains the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen, position I manages the stocks and displays, and position B is a cashier that deals with the purchases and sales transactions.

3. Evaluation of Job Descriptions
A) The kind of work listed for this position was well written and informative. It would be nice if it were more clear as to exactly who this position reports to. I assumed position G because this job was in the deli and dealt with food preparation.
B) Like position A, this position was also well written and informative. This position description would also have been more helpful if it clarified who was their direct supervisor. Because this position did not deal in food prep, I listed the supervisor as position F.
C) I like that this position description stated who their supervisor was, however, it was hard to follow because the supervisors for positions C and G seemed interchangeable, as far as who the supervisor was.
D) This position description was easy to follow. It was very clear that this