Violence In Television Research Paper

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Vivyan Melendez
Dr. Susan Brown
Violence in Television The way society is now days proclaims violence as an uncommon thing, along with swearing and drugs. Although there are views that violence can be linked to aggressive behavior in children, research can prove there are other factors, besides television, in which cause children to become violent. With the pros and cons being weighed, I believe there are other factors that cause children’s behaviors to become violent. It is natural for children to act out and behave in an unmannered fashion, to some degree, even under the best of circumstances and with the firmest discipline. You cannot discipline the nature out of a living human being (New York Time, 2013). The child’s behavior reflects the conditions in which the child is placed. The "troublesome child" that is claimed has been troubled by certain circumstances. Perhaps the parents fight too much and in an aggressive manner. Perhaps someone of the household demonstrates unhealthy factors of rebellion. Maybe one of the parents is not bonding well with the child or the child is allowed too much freedom out of the parent just being too lazy. Children naturally possess a drive to sensitivity of order, a drive to demonstrate independence, for feelings of compassion, a will to learn, to accomplish, and to contribute to a form of lifestyle. It is the circumstances in which is given to the child, and support to the characteristics that help the child to direct their own self. Expecting a child to behave under the circumstances of them being overly excited or happy, or as simple as just being tired can react harshly to the child’s developmental process. Although television violence is not the only cause of aggression or violent behavior, I agree it plays a significant factor. As technology is enhancing and children are becoming more in tuned with electronics at such a young age, it’s almost impossible to prevent them from viewing any form of televised violence. Sometimes, watching a single violent can increase aggression (Media Violence, 2009). Children who view shows in which violence is very realistic, or constantly repeated, or going unpunished, are more likely to repeat what they see. There are ways to protect a child from constant television violence, such as