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DQ 1
The Learning Activities around this week are absolutely intriguing. I hope that this week will you to begin thinking about life after the University of Phoenix and how you can take the skills, competencies, and knowledge gained from the program and apply it. The activities this week are gaged to allow you to begin thinking about making a bridge between your academic knowledge and your career practice. Some might call this a "scholar practitioner". I would like for you to do a little research over studies that have been done over the translation of academic teaching and career skills and practice. What does your library search of articles reveal? What do you think of these studies? When you share your answers to this post please make sure to properly cite your articles that your are referencing. Thank you.

have been particularly apprehensive for such a long time that making life altering decisions will optimistically create an end result for me and my family. During this day and age, numerous individuals are going back to the school to further their education; due to many families having challenging times in making their ends meet. The employers are seeking individuals who possess college degrees; which inspires people to further their education. Having a college degree often leads individuals into a secure and a well-paying job in order to adequately support their family. In today’s society and principles, individuals with a college degree are viewed to be more devoted, well-informed, teachable, and respected to potential businesses. Additionally, when I was younger and inexperienced, my day dreams were of going college and gaining the experience that would lead me to a successful career. Unnecessary time had passed; and unfortunately, I had to work instead of continuing on with school. Many of my older friends talked about their experiences, and my high school friends were also excited about the idea of joining the working class. After being employed with several jobs, I felt as if my life was not reaching full potential. My self-esteem became low and I felt distraught. Furthermore, I needed to motivate myself and decided to pursue my college degree. There is a point in everyone’s life where they will have to become financially independent. Unfortunately, for some people this process can be difficult. Planning my life has been a roller coaster and extremely difficult. I have been dependent on others most of my life, and realized I had to take consequences for my actions. For all intents and purposes I look to the future to attain a college degree, to better myself and accomplish my Academic and Career Goals.

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Why is the job search process a cycle rather than a series of steps? I have found these tools to be very helpful in the past because organization allows you to keep track of documents, who you have contacted, applied for, and being interviewed with. Being organized helps you manage your time, also helps you to get a jump on potential job postings from companies that are hiring, and it allows you to be seen by people who work for the company such as the receptionist, business partners, security, or other valuable employees. You just never know whom an employer will talk to regarding your character or their perception of you. It is important to make a good impression with everyone you meet especially people that interact most with the person doing the hiring. I myself use the internet to look for jobs that I want. Once I narrow the search down to a particular company and position. I then do a little research on the company to see if the company is a place I can see myself working. Once I decide the position is one that I want, then I proceed to get dressed in professional attire,