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The Helen Tucker Adult Rehabilitation and Development Clinic
Evelyn Hayes
HCS/446 Facility Planning
James Fullen
January 5, 2015

The Helen Tucker Adult Rehabilitation and Development clinic was found in 1975 in West Tennessee. This clinic is a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic, and employee 25 full time employees, with the annually revenue of $1.5 million. The Helen Tucker clinic is family owned, well respected and shows a great amount of compassion for the city and patients. This clinic was named after Dr. W.H. Tucker late wife Helen who passed away three years before the clinic opened. The Helen Tucker clinic is located in a population area of 85% minorities and 15% Caucasians. This clinic patient volume has increase drastically at a rapid pace, and the clinic is strong enough to accommodate the increase volume of patients.
Regulatory requirements and their effect on the design and equipment. The Helen Tucker Adult Rehabilitation and Development clinic is accessible to patients with disabilities. The state and local ordinances require that any healthcare organization or clinic must meet requirements to accommodate patients with disabilities. Also, zoning laws play a major role in requirements for disabilities and the building codes have to be up to date in all healthcare organizations. Zoning laws such as safety have to be addressed before any construction is started. It is important to discuss and have clarification with your architect and contractor concerning the zoning laws so everything is done right from the beginning and there will not be any problems at the end of the construction. There could be some design