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Country Risk and Strategic Planning Paper
January 19, 2015
Country Risk and Strategic Planning Paper
In this paper, Team E will evaluate and analyze doing business within the North America market, and we are using Canada for the examples to help explain numerous issues. Some of the items in Part 1 that will be talked about will be the political, legal, and regulatory risks, the exchange and repatriation of funds risks, competitive risk assessment, and taxation and double taxation risks, the market risks using the four P's, distribution and supply chain risks, physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating a target market, social and cultural risks and cyber or technology. In Part 2 we will summarize the strategic planning process. In this Part will clarify and define our mission and objectives, we will use the SWOTT analysis of our target country Canada, and we will also select a strategy selection. Also in Part 2 we are going to select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for our global product or service, examine the control and evaluation and devise a contingency plan if something should happen to our first plan.
Part 1: Country Analysis - North America
Political, legal, and regulatory risks
Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
Competitive risk assessment
Taxation and double taxation risks
Market risks using the four P's
Distribution and supply chain risks
Physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating a target market
Social and cultural risks
Cyber or technology
Part 2: Strategic Planning Process
Mission and Objectives
First, our goal is to have a safe community as well as homes being safe to live in. Support police and law enforcement in enhancing of public safety through the reduction and prevention of death, injury, and the threat from guns. They will continue to develop and oversee an effective firearm registration and licensing to assist in reduction of gun violence and meet government principal obligation under the Firearm Act (www.tbs.sct.gc.ga).
The objective is to help reduce firearms that is related to death, injury and crime to promote safety through licensing of a firearm owners and the registration of firearms in Canada (www.rcmp.grc.gc.ca).
SWOTT Analysis – Canada
Strength is to hire people and allow them to be trained in the process. Take pride of being a leader in the firearm industry and have a strong organization culture that is based on quality and a rich tradition (ehollan4.wordpress.com).
Weakness: There are some efficiency in the production arena while it investment grade in casting technology that have a capacity that does not draw a direct benefit to the bottom line. Have to maintain a broad product line to increased inventory storage and insurance cost. The optimistic view of some of the products frustrates some consumers and reputations are reduced on gun marketing (ehollan4.wordpress.com).
Opportunities: Is to acquire additional companies in pursuit of staying relevant in the industry. In the area of gun safety have a new productive line spending more time and money that is associated with gun safety is an opportunity that the company have.
Threats: Canada has taken steps to hinder firearm ownership. As the nation increase in population this factor will increase due to technology advances in manufacturing in Eastern Europe and Turkey are producing firearms that are of high quality with the modest price points (ehollan4.wordpress.com).
Trends: The current trend are trafficking and smuggling firearms in Canada and the impact is on law enforcement from the Criminal Intelligence that provide an overview. There are large amount of firearms that are being seized per investigation and the trend is to expect to continue and according to the region of Canada, firearms choices are influenced by rural or urban setting (www.rcmp.grc.gc.ca).
Strategy selection
It is common for people to be deep at the counter waiting for assistance