Marketing Strategies For Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Strategies for Kudler Fine Foods

Change the store hours, change the store location, change the décor, and increase the sales. If only marketing strategies was this easy. The following will identify the areas where marketing strategies and tactics for Kudler Fine Foods can be improved based on the market research and general information retrieved from Kudler Company’s website.
Research Studies In order to access how Kudler Fine foods stores where doing in the publics eye the company decided to compose a survey of 9 questions relating to the consumers overall experience at their local Kudler store. The following is a discussion of the results of the years 2012 and 2011, and the areas where marketing strategies, and tactics could be improved. In 2011 64 consumers were asked if there was a good selection of products were present. 67% of the consumers agreed that there was a good selection of product present. In 2012 when 70 consumers were asked the same question 66% agreed. Over more than half of the consumers that visited Kudler Fine Foods stores in both years were satisfied with the selection of goods sold. In 2011 out of 63 consumers that were asked if the merchandise sold is a good value for the money, 48% of the consumers disagreed when asked again in 2011 out of 67 consumers the percentage decreased to 40% of the consumers disagree. One of two things must have happened in order for an 8% of the consumer’s option to change. The first being that the quality of the merchandised improved, and the second is the price of the merchandise was lowered. In 2011 52 consumers were asked if the customer service representative was very courteous 28% of the consumers disagreed. In 2012 out of 56 of the consumers asked the percentage jumped up to 37% of the consumers disagreed. An increase of 9% of the consumers agreed that the customer service represented was NOT courteous. In order to lower the percentage of unsatisfied customers in the customer service department Kudler must re-look at the people in place and how they manage the interaction with the consumer and maybe re-look at the return policy of the store. Overall, the surveys taken in 2011 and 2012 report that the consumer of Kudler Fine Foods is satisfied with the store hours, atmosphere, selection, and condition of products, and the knowledgeable staff.
Nielsen’s Best Segments A fantastic tool that is available for public and private use is the Nielsen’s best segments. This tool will give you quick facts (also known as PRIZM) for any zip code that pertains to the areas population, median age, median income, consumers’ average spending, and consumer spending per head of house. These areas are broken down into 4 charts that include households by income, household composition, population by age, and population by race & ethnicity. Kudler can benefit in using this site to gather information in regards to the type of consumer that would shop at Kudler Fine Foods, should the company decide to open and operate any additional stores in a specific zip code.
Having done some research on the Nielsen’s best segments site, Kudler Fine foods could use PRIZM to decide where to open, what to stock and promote in these new locations. Should Kudler Fine Foods decide to open a new store in the Coachella Valley, they can get the Quick Facts chart, just by typing in a zip code of any town with-in the Coachella Valley. Kudler Fine Foods can quickly get an overall overview of the area consumer habits from this Quick Facts chart and decided wither or not to open a store in this location. The population by age and household composition charts can help Kudler Fine Foods decide what in store promotions would best fit this area. The household by income chart can help Kudler Fine Foods decide what items to stock with-in the stores. Having done some research, Kudler Fine Foods company would do excellent in the Palm Springs area. The house hold composition of…