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Identify and describe at least three (3) groups that people experience in childhood and how these experiences can help one develop as an adult:
Doers: Doers to me are those who really just jump right into a project and think through it as they could. I am one of these people as well, so I may be a little bias when it comes to this. These people seem to be more motivated and are those that learn more through hands on. I personally find in my life that I get stuff done a lot more by just jumping right in and do thinking as I go.
Thinkers: Where doers get stuck in a project or assignment, the thinkers of the group tend to already have the problem solved. Although the method takes a while to get started, they seem to have it all thought out before they start and most times make things go a lot smoother.
Shammers: This has to be the group that seems to always get everyone upset or in trouble, but they do exist in life unfortunately. Shammers are those who work hard trying to look busy without having to do work. Which to me makes no sense considering it would take the same effort to just do the work in the first place. In must cases they make it harder on others in life by making them pick up their slack.
How are life experiences beneficial to a student beginning a degree program?
In my opinion, experience is the best knowledge in life. Books cannot teach what real life can, but books and a degree can help open up other doors that would be shut in most case. Life experiences help steer people in a direction (most times) about what they want to do for a career. I