Essay on Week 3 Real World Application 3 Analytics Optimization

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Real World Application 3:
Analytics Optimization
Furius Stiles Music Group

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Professor Phillip Arlen

Full Sail University

Executive Summary In order to gauge how well analytics have been working for the website at it is important to look at the past trends of the website to determine where improvments can be made and find out what is working for the company. Trends with SMART Goals and KPIs Trend 1
Customers are coming to the site, but are not following through with orders.
SMART Goal: Obtain 5 orders for compositions over the next month
● At least 20 inquiries regarding compositions per
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Trend 2:
Customers are more apt to click on results at the top of search engine rankings SMART Goal: Establish profits of $250 on a PPC investment of $200 over the next month
● Consistent conversions based on PPC marketing.
● Improved results based on different keywords to determine best approach
Trend 2 Action Items:
● Employ pay per click (PPC) marketing to obtain a top position in search engines and increase click through rate for customers looking for my specific keywords
○ Challenge: Creating appropriate wording to ensure clickthroughs
■ Solution: Test different wording to measure which keywords have the better click through rates. Trend 3: Websites with consistent content generation tend to have a better conversion rate. SMART Goal: Increase number of subscribers on blog to 50 over the next two months. KPI:
● Consistent increase of blog posts
● Measuring number of comments on certain blog posts.
Trend 3:
Action items:
● Write, edit and publish at least three blog posts a week in order to improve position in search engines and attract repeat customers
○ Challenge: to get enough customers to read material to result in site visits and conversions
■ Solution: Luckily blog creations are testable so headlines as well as topics will be tested to ensure the greatest volume of readership. Trend 4: A greater