Week 3 School Funding Issues Essay

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School Funding Issues 1

Shanice Johnson
School Funding Issues
January 25, 2015

School Funding Issues 2 Some people say that having school options such as private, magnet, charter, or home schooling does affect school funding for the public school system. They say that the fewer students in the public schools, the less funding the school will receive. Other people say that having school options does not affect school funding for public schools because most other types of schooling people, people will have to pay tuition. I believe that having school options does not affect funding for the public school system because the federal government makes a budget that is for the public school system and can only be used by the public school system. I believe that there is a positive effect of having school options because one, of the overcrowding of the schools, and two, the less students in the public school then the more the choices of the school to use the money. I believe that each public school is given a certain amount of money and it is up to the school of how to use the money. If the school has 300 students versus 215 students, then there would be less money to go for what the school wants to do. With fewer students, instead of the school getting new text books for only 3 classes, they could get new books for 6 classes instead. Most of my classmates and I believe that parents, guardians, and students should have the option of school choice, and that a student not going to the public school system will affect school funding. However, the most controversial choice is the use of vouchers. Some say that the use of a