Segmentation And Target Market Paper

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Segmentation and Target Market Paper
Gretchen Morrison
MKT/571 - Marketing
August 11, 2013
Susan Heywood

Through years of working for different studios around the country Christine Kronz has developed a photography company focused on “Capturing the treasurers of a lifetime.” Whether celebrating a family addition, your child’s first prom, or a milestone birthday, Christine Kronz Photographer, LLC (CKP) studio is the hometown favorite for every event in your life.
Executive Summary
Christine’s business is founded on relationship marketing. She consults with each client prior to the captured event to understand the significance of the occasion. She remains personally vested from consultation through delivery of your product. As each picture is reviewed, edited, and produced, CKP strives to compile the most meaningful album of memories possible. CKP is not limited in the events, locations, or elements of your photographic request. For instance, CKP recently donned their wet gear in the pool to capture a distinguished set of senior portraits.
Although the potential of CKP is unlimited, she has developed a niche for community events such as school proms and fundraisers, as well as more exclusive events such as the Governor’s Reception and the Cheyenne Military Ball. CKP carries a professional demeanor while adapting to the occasion; her photographers strive to match the design and environment. CKP has also developed a strong relationship with many local fundraising events such as Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show, Volunteer Crisis Fund, Safehouse, Celebrity Dinner, Wyoming Cares, and Calvary Chapel.
About CKP
Christine Kronz’s passion for photography developed during childhood. While on a family camping trip Christine’s mother handed her a camera full of film, showed her how to use the light meter, and left her to explore the campground. The resulting photographs were impressive. Since that faithful day, Christine’s talent was encouraged. Decades of learned technical skills and a vaulted aesthetic aptitude ultimately led her to entrepreneurship. Before becoming a business owner, Christine attended Northwest College in Powell, WY where she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Photography. Subsequently, she worked in private and commercial studios based in Florida and Texas. Christine finally returned to Wyoming in July 2009 to open her own studio, Christine Kronz Photographer, LLC (CKP). Christine quickly expanded her business knowledge by graduating Leadership Cheyenne, networking with other professionals, and attending seminars such as “Senior Photographer International” to stay up-to-date on all the latest education, equipment, and techniques of the profession.
CKP has developed cliental in the markets of portraits, weddings, and events. CKP events cover a plethora of areas from sports, fine arts, and formal dinner events. CKP is further distinguished by philanthropy. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show, Volunteer Crisis Fund, Safehouse, Celebrity Dinner, Wyoming Cares, and Calvary Chapel are all charitable events in which the studio donates its time and expenses.
In working with the community, CKP has developed a strong relationship with women of all generations. Females from a spectrum of titles hold the client majority. Whether called daughter, mother, grandmother, bride, graduate, or athlete, women also have the deciding voice. CKP reports that “85% of the time females are the ones who decide on the photo purchase.” The studio owner continues, “These are moms buying soccer pictures, school photos, military dinner formal pictures, and prom pictures.” (Christine Kronz, personal communication, August 6, 2014). CKP projects the importance of preserving one’s memories by stating, “You never realize how important family photos are until someone passes away or there is some sort of natural disaster.” This is a reality that resonates with everyone who has endured loss. Turning that reality into a