Week 3 Summary Essay

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Week 3
Employee Portfolio:
Motivation Action Plan




Melvin motivational strategy
Melvin shouldn’t need much if any motivation at his job from other because his motivation seem to come from within. He is very satisfied and engaged and happy at his job. Melvin is exactly where he wants to be in the company and realizes his impact with the company. Melvin is motivated by the opportunity to create success within his position. After reading the material and weekly discussion I find the Melvin character and personality will make the different in a rising company. According to Summary and Implications for Managers, role perception and an employee’s performance evaluation are positively related. The degree of congruence between the employee’s and the boss’s perception of the employee’s job influences the degree to which the boss will judge that employee effective. An employee whose role perception fulfills the boss’s role expectations will receive a higher performance evaluation.
Source: R. R. Hastings, “Employee Resource Groups Drive Business Results,” HR Magazine (February 15, 2011)

Taramel motivational strategy
Taramel motivational strategy are the outlook as an Opportunist, thought of innovation, and will specialize in complex problem solving. Her position within the company has the ability to control the progression for extended period of time. Therefor her way of balancing her agenda form the team is more than valuable.
According to (glOBalization!: Forming International Teams in a Virtual World) Virtual global teams have certain liabilities. Traditional teams offer multiple opportunities to work closely with colleagues and develop close personal relationships that can facilitate performance. To be effective, virtual teams need to facilitate these relationships despite numerous barriers. It’s easy to misinterpret messages without cues like facial expression and tone of voice. These problems can be even more pronounced among individuals with different cultural backgrounds.
“Virtual Team Performance in a Highly Competitive Environment,” Group and Organization Management 36, no. 2 (2011), pp. 161–190.

Remel motivational strategy
Remel is very interactive through which he will endlessly encourage the best results even if plans are distant. His team structure is a major task that he would feel obligated to maintain. He is well- rounded and very effective. Within a team setting he finds his motivation which comes off as a supreme aura. This will allow other to use the energy to