Week 3 Team 474 Essay

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Thomas Sherman, Edward Martinez, Carlos Quevedo, Maira Urosa, and Pamela Ramirez
September 25, 2014
John P. O'Brien

Bureaucratic Organization (PAM)

Characteristics of a Bureaucratic Organization (PAM)

The Main Principles of a Bureaucratic Organization (MAIRA)

An Agile Organization (TOM)

Characteristics of an Agile Organization (TOM)

Management by Objectives (CARLOS) Management by objectives is a system that manages agile performance and empowerment in organizations. This system objectives are mentioned and allows employees to work with flexibility to reach goals. Management by objectives involves development, is team oriented, and contains meaningful and measurable objectives. Management by objectives includes: planning, mission statement, departmental goals, division objective, unit action plan, implementation, project evaluation, feedback and final assessment. Police managers and other officers create realistic, achievable and practical action plans. In order for management's objectives to be successful they need to contain proper planning, assessment, and communication. The mission statement typically reflects the same values as the community that the police agency is responsible for. Departmental goals are identified based on the community's needs. (Whisenand, P.M 2009). A division objective is usually a single sentence statement that specifies a measurable result that needs to be completed within a specific time period. A unit action plan shows projects and activities that are needed to ensure that departmental objectives are reality.