Week 3 Team Assignment Essay

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Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations
Team A
MGT/521 Human Capital Management
February 5th, 2015
Dr. Andrea Diese

Landslide Limousines Compensation and Benefits Strategy Recommendation This paper provides an analysis of a proposed benefits and compensation package for Landslide Limousines that is comparable to companies that are similar in size and scope in Austin, Texas. Team A proposes a compensation structure and position in the market, as well as a total compensation and benefits strategy for the company. Performance incentives and merit pay to recognize and engage employees is also discussed in this paper. Laws related to the benefits and pay program are outlined and examined in detail.
Market Evaluation.
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Customer satisfaction surveys, and follow on contact calls will be instrumental in collecting data for these performance-based metrics.
Landslide Limousines initially shall employ approximately 25 personnel and will operate at a loss early in development of the company. This may prevent Landslide from implementing all facets of the compensation and benefits strategy immediately, but time off awards and preferential scheduling perks can be implemented immediately with other facets being brought online later. This will allow employees to strive for excellence, helping to build the business and increase the possible benefits sooner rather than later and help our business to retain the best possible employees.
Performance Incentives and Merit Pay. The implementation of performance incentives and merit pay creates opportunities that can mutually benefit both the employee and Landslide Limousine service. Performance incentives are based on two factors; the quality of work the employee completes, and the quantity of work an employee puts out. Employers use incentives as a way of obtaining significant performance gains, which also increases the likelihood of an adverse reaction within the workforce. The adverse consequences of performance incentives can cause employees to display