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Karla Contreras
March 30, 2015
University of Phoenix

Conflict Management Styles of California Department
Of Corrections and Rehabilitation Conflict is present is many areas of the criminal justice system. In state corrections there are both in internal and external conflicts that affect everything inside the corrections. The most important potential external conflict in corrections is economy. The following will briefly describe this conflict and how it affects a prison as a whole. Economy affects everything and everyone, and prisons are greatly affected when the economy is poor. Prison budgets can get decreased meaning many possible conflicts. Decreasing budgets in prisons may lead to staff reduction and that affects both the inmates and the staff. An overpopulated prison with not enough officers may lead to fights between inmates, injured staff and inmates, even deaths. Rehabilitation programs depend on money from budgets. If a prison does not have enough money to maintain a program inmates are left with extra time to get into more trouble in the facility. Although some inmates take these programs for granted, many do take advantage of the program privileges to better themselves. Many of these programs are helpful for inmates to continue their school and have an education when released. Inmates who are released and have no education are at a higher risk of reoffending because it will be more difficult to get a job without a High School Diploma or a GED.…