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After reading, “Jeanne Gang and the Greening of Chicago,” I have found that there is a great importance of making critical evaluations of news stories. The article that I read gave a clear understanding and was accurate, after evaluation from other resourceful websites. With sufficient depth and background, I was able to have a little bit of history on whom the story was about as well as see the path in which she is heading. Facts were reported on Jeanne from her past accomplishments to her future endeavors, things she currently has in working progress. The news story simply was making people aware of where Jeanne came from, her past successful accomplishments, and things that she is currently working to establish. Therefore, I do not feel that the article needed to consider alternative perspectives and worldviews. This article was a factual message, filled with information straight from Jeanne Gang and her recollection of her past (from childhood to present day). I think that the article emphasized the good ideas that Jeanne has come up with along with, positive influences she has had in her past. There was nothing in the least bit negative in this story. When making a critical evaluation I think that distinctions need to be made between similar ideas or people for the following reasons. It is important to evaluate the message that the article is bringing by asking, what are the authors’ motives or intentions with sharing this? Secondly, researching the idea,