Benefits Of Affordable Care Act

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It’s very important to obtain health care insurance from your employer. But sections has to be done with caution. I hope one day I will be a fan of the new Affordable Care Act but I’m not yet convinced. With the $$ amounts presented and what is and is not covered still concerns me. My father use to have insurance through his employment but with the new insurances coverages was force to only have the worker comp if injured on the job. His pay check in one month is about $2500.00. His insurance plan if he chose to go through his employment was going to costs $800.00 a month. Plus, the deductible for medications was extremely high that paying out of pocket for the next 10 years would be the only option. Thank goodness he was in the military he is able to utilize his veterans benefits and supplement it with AARP. But even with these options he is still paying out of pocket.
Employers in 2012 that had a 50-99 full-time employees were mandated to provide Family Care, affordable or not by 2015/2016. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation health insurance would cost an average of $5,615.00 a year for a single coverage and up to $15,754.00 for family coverage (Pear, 2012). Much larger organizations allow better opportunities for covered insurance plans. For example the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital medical covers approximate 80 percent of medical costs are mandated by the state. With the larger corporation there is a larger differences in the monthly premiums Select PPO, full-time $72.00 and Part-time $144.00 for monthly COBRA rages range up to $521.00, with spouse and children Select PPO, full-time $232.00 and Part-time $464.00 for monthly COBRA rages range up to $1661.00. St. Jude’s health insurance program covers medical and prescription drugs, dental plan and vision plans. It also includes the following benefits financial security benefit, retirement plan, wellness and work/life balances, time off programs, educational benefits family friendly benefits and benefits unique St. Jude (Hospital, 2014).
After researching coverages some families found shortages in coverages with the new Affordable Care Act program. If your family require specific coverages and are not offered or your medical plan cannot be covered this might not be the place for employment. For example there are loopholes in private health insurance plans whereas Medicaid and states are not authorizing health patients to seek mental health care (Leonard, 2014). Additional cases include out of pocket costs for 15, Juliana Kessler sling for her broken arms when the insurance refused. Kyle Thompson Westra’s policy require over $300.00 out of pocket for blood tests. Another case of out of pocket case was Anna Hardenberg was on a bike accident and had to pay for a trauma team of $2457.00 noncritical activation and facility fee of $240.00, totally over $7,000.00 in a variety of costs (Rosenthal, 2014).
I’m fortunate to have Tricare on active duty service, 100 percent of my medical costs are covered to include emergency room, prescriptions, dental, vision, vaccination and routine appointments. When I retire I will be fortunate to have assistance from the Veterans care programs (Tricare, 2013).
I’ve very skeptical on the future of health insurance as the costs, requirements rise and requirements to pay up front. Some corporations are offering a variety of discounts like the Covered California plan. If insurances are selected under this plan with discounts some doctors will not take their insecure coverage unless they pay up front. I foresee several corporations streamlining the programs trying to be helpful to the American people but many flaws incorporated into some programs so it will be hit a miss with coverage s and the Health Insurances are going to become more