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Joshua McAllister
August 24, 2015
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As I began to watch NCIS, I looked for conflict in the crime scenes and not with the people behind the scenes. Only to find out that the interpersonal conflict was between a father and son. Tony Dinozzio dad comes to visit and does not really tell his son Tony why he is coming to visit. But his dad has his own plan and is going to try and do whatever he wants. In turn, making ton have to learn how to speak and communicate with his dad on a new level.
First, Tony’s dad Robert Dinozzio comes to Tony’s job where he works for the NCIS. He completely ignores his son and says hi to everyone else, tony following behind him like a kid in front of his friends keeps asking his dad why he was there so early about five time, before his dad tells him. This conflict style is avoidance, this occurs when there is a low concern for yourself and a low concern for the other party. When our style is to avoid conflict, we believe that if we just ignore an issue, it will go away. (Bevan & Sole 2014)
Second, Tony’s dad goes to his apartment and tries to cook a dinner for Tony and his girlfriend, but ends up creating a mess of Tony’s kitchen. Tony’s dad catches his kitchen on fire and angers him. He then goes on to say some mean things to his dad. Creating more of a rift in their relationship thus so far.
Third, Robert Dinozzo does to Tony’s Bosses home and askes Gibbs for advice. Gibbs creates a situation where the two have to talk, but only a few words are expressed and the Dinozzo’s have a moment or relief, but it does not last that long. This conflict is compromise The individuals in the conflict work together to create a fair solution that is acceptable for both of them, but that also means that no one gets entirely what he or she wants. (Bevan & Sole 2014). Compromising only will work for so long and then the problem will fester back up.
Fourth, Tony starts to figure out that he has to…