Essay on Week 4 Assignment 1

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Matthew Gyke
Week 4 Assignment 1
Jason Douglas

I never heard of her before this class and thought I would do it on her since she is number one on the list. Mary Flora Bell, who was convicted in December of 1968 of manslaughter. One was Martin Brown who was age four when he was strangled and the second Brian Howe who was three when he was strangled to death. In the case of Brian Howe, Mary’s neighbor, Norma Bell, was with her when she committed the violent act. In the case of Martin brown however, Mary single handly killed and mutilated her victim. The case of a mere eleven year old Mary Bell was the first of its kind ever. Mary had no real motives behind the killings she made besides her deeply scarred childhood and lack of psychological analysis in the past put Mary in jail till she was 23 years old.

When Martin Brown met Mary Bell he thought they were going to play a game. She told him she was going to make your throat feel better. Then she strangles him and kills him. After the death of Martin Brown she goes to Martin Browns parents’ house to ask to see Martin Brown and the mother said I’m sorry but Martin has died. Then Mary Bell said she knew and she wanted to see Martin in his coffin and the mother freaked out. She was trying to get attention for people to know that she did kill but no one believed it. She is planning to kill again after everything. At a very young age, Mary Bell saw her mom doing sexual activities and even very extreme activities. Betty Bell which is Mary’s mother tried to poisoning her daughter and even tried to abandon her over all her mother caused Mary as a killer.

Her second murder which Brian Howe was playing in the street by himself but this time she has a friend with her Norman who is 13 years old. She was supported by Norman and she left a mark on Brian Howe which it is MN which means Mary Norman. She wants to be found and