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Week 4 Learning Team Reflection

Week 4 Learning Team Reflection
Diversity in work teams is essential; to be able to maintain this they would need to provide many different aspects ranging from gender, race, and experiences that can be utilized in the team’s task. The individual abilities of each team member must complement each other in order to achieve maximum team effectiveness. Team members’ personalities are equally as important. There are many different steps that can be taken to make sure everyone in the work place is aware and knows what is required by each team member. When allocating roles in a team, team members should be given roles that play into their strengths and personalities.
Management could use the various strategies to manage diversity within an organization. First, they could make sure there is an equal representation of men, women, different ethnic backgrounds within the company, and that they have a fair opportunity to hold management level positions. Second, make sure everyone understands that organizations need a more demographically representation in the workforce as it relates to the World representation. Third, make sure that employers haven’t underutilized its internal demographics. Fourth, make sure everyone has the ability for the same adequate training opportunities. Last make all practices, selections processes, training, and polices more transparent to those within the company along with those seeking employment.
The steps that management could take to ensure that teams are diverse could be making everyone attend necessary class to understand law about equal employment and fairness. Then ensure managers at all levels understand that a very diverse workforce will allow for a more diverse opportunity for marketing of customers and clients. Also, institute personal development opportunities to allow for individual skill sets and abilities to enhance the organization, which will show how different ideas are an asset to improve everyone. To ensure work teams are diverse is