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Week 4 Assignment
Raymond Varmecky

To Whom It May Concern: After taking a very close look at all of your concerns, including how much money is being spent communicating with people, both in and outside of your company, we believe that we have found a few options that could likely bring you the results you desire. Since all of your employees who are afforded desktop computers are also allowed Internet access, we believe that the introduction of web based communications, both within your company and outside of it, could greatly increase your reach to partners, customers, and employees. We think that a good start would be looking into an enterprise system that can be incorporated into your daily workflow. This system could be used for everything from internal communication, tracking and monitoring your employees hours worked, productivity, and sales, and it can collect order details and data that can be recorded in order to measure costs and profit. If all of your various departments can easily talk to each other and share vital information, then your business can be far more efficient than it currently is. You should also consider offering sales, perhaps appointment booking to look at the showroom, and even give store information such as your hours, prices, and services offered on a website. If these appointments, sales, and orders are tracked and shared between your website and your enterprise system, this may help you staff your business appropriately. If you have busy order days, then maybe the warehouse will need a bigger team than if orders are coming in slowly. Direct sales can be tracked by your financial side of the business and employee hours and human resources could monitor staffing concerns. There are a thousand different ways that sharing this information can be such a benefit to your business and this system can make it happen for you. One of the greatest things a business can do these days is promote themselves and spend virtually no money doing so. We strongly recommend having one of your more computer savvy employees be in charge of starting up some form of social media page. Facebook is an excellent example. First off, creating a page with information similar to that of your website would be wise. Things like your location, hours of operation, services offered and photos that provide an example of the type of work you all offer. As customers come in, they will be prompted to visit your Facebook page and if they “like” your page, they can see, share, and post responses to your posts. This is an excellent opportunity to have your business promoted by word of mouth. The best part about it all is that it’s absolutely free! Be sure to set up links to all of your social media pages on your website as well. Links to these pages will make it very far less complicated for your clients to find out how to reach these social networks. Examples of networks, other than Facebook, would be sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Utilize these sources to get your name out there. After all, it doesn’t cost you a dime and your name may be reached by thousands more. Another option for promotion of your business would be by email correspondence. One of the best ways to start this would be to start a mailing list. Ask visitors at your storefront to sign in and leave an email address if they’re interested. This can be loaded into an email system that could send out monthly updates or weekly specials and discounts. Perhaps you could even send out periodic coupons to your store to draw in more customers. If you’re able to reach more and more people via the Internet and email, then the offers that you have will reach more individuals by word of mouth. Email could also be used to send receipts, confirm showroom appointments, and notify customers if orders have arrived or if you’ve got a new item in stock. It’s a great way to keep everyone up to date and keep your…