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Leslie Kenney University of Phoenix October 27, 2012 The Chilean Mining Accident The Chilean Mining Accident was caused by the lack of attention regarding safety issues that had been known previously to the Chilean company, San Esteban. Even though these issues were known previously including the possible fatalities due to previous safety issues, among other similar incidents that had occurred previously and the current incident involved, these issues were still left unaddressed and never modified. Actions which must be taken before and after the message is delivered to the public ensure that it was received as intended are to be sent with empathy, understanding, and compassion for the family members and employees. These actions include addressing the families of employees, and employees of the company are to firstly, ensure this audience that the San Esteban Company is doing everything possible to investigate this incident and with hope, faith, and safety, have the ability to bring back their family members alive and well, and to modify and investigate the safety procedures of the San Esteban Company. Secondly, action must be taken for take responsibility of this disaster, and it is necessary to hold the San Esteban Company accountable for the lack of action regarding safety precautions. Although incidents similar to this happen all over the globe and mine shafts collapsing is part of the risk taken when the decision is made to become a miner, it is necessary to address this issue in a delicate format due to the intense emotions involved in an accident of this caliber. The potential needs of the families in response to this disaster must be addressed immediately to notify the families of the potential danger along with the levels of risk their loved ones are involved in. The message must be sent in the most apologetic, empathetic, urgent, compassionate, and responsible way to decrease the amount of fear involved and to console and placate the families impacted by this incident. The responsible message needs to be sent urgently, and be tailored to the needs of the families involved. Within this message the San Esteban Company must hold themselves accountable for the accident by taking steps to save their employees and providing support to the family members. These actions will include A management team led by a high ranking company employee to address each family member face-to-face and notify families of their resources. Crisis communication with the families by coordination with the Mine Safety and Health Act The provision of psychological services to the family members, team members of the project, and employees involved. Spending resources to provide survival capabilities Dietary issues for the miners involved in the accident The provision of religious support Decrease trauma by offering psychological, financial, hospitalization, and childcare services. The provision of a liaison to the family members for immediate and accurate updates regarding the accident with private consultations Site establishment with the most comfortable and sanitary surroundings Coordination for food and non-alcoholic beverages When communicating with family members, it is of the upmost importance to ensure the information they are receiving is accurate, coordinate with the MSHA, provide updates to the family members before announcing any data to the media, and be prepared to handle and answer difficult questions regarding fault, blame, compensation, lawsuits, and timelines by anticipating these issues in advance. The potential needs of the companys employees in response to this incident will include how the risk is being handled, and by forming a committee of experts in this field to investigate and assess the risk of the incident and who have the capabilities and qualifications to make recommendations of future safety and structural issues of this nature. The investigation will include any modifications to products,