Week 4 Cultural Diversity Essay

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Buddhism is the philosophy of a man that lived about 2500 years ago, not that of a deity. Budda's teachings are not set in stone, nor is it the only advice in this world. Buddhist's are encouraged to think freely and challenge everything that they hear or read. Buddhist's also believe in afterlives which are determined by this life. Other forms of religion believe in a stone set of rules and have a designated deity that is the figure head for their religion.

Christianity as a whole has rejected the idea's of Buddhism because the philosophy lacks a deity of some kind, and as a whole, Christianity is closed off to other idea's not of their own God's. Atheists reject all ideas other than we are a freak of nature and once the brain dies, we cease to exhist.

Buddhism can be seen all throughout our society from movies like “Seven Years in Tibet”, to nightly sitcoms like “Darhma and Gregg”. You can type Buddhism into google and thousands of titles of books, and thousands of internet titles pop up. Buddhism can also be seen in the entertainment industry with such entertainment icons such as Tina Turner. Al Gore found money for campain from a Buddhist temple located in the United States.(http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,136680,00.html)

Buddhism appears to be one of the most widley accepted philosophies around the world. According some brief research online, the majority of discrimination found amidst Buddhists is from within—discrimination against women members. (http://www.examiner.com/article/discrimination-against-buddhist-nuns-and-other-women-of-faith)

After spending some time reviewing information about Buddhism, I have come to realize that I hold many of the same ideals close to my heart. My information in regards to Buddhism is very limited, but I think that I have a much better grasp on the wisdom of Buddhism. I now understand that Buddha is not a God, but rather an experienced man. This is facsinating for me. Actually, after reading through the information that I have read through already, I'm going to further my knowledge by reading more about Buddist philosphy.

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