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What are some of the sources of complexity in resolving the debates that Freeman is describing? Why is it so hard to know what's causing a problem like falling wages for a particular group of workers?
To keep it short, I believe that the technological advances that our society has produced an easier way to conduct business. With technology advancing day by day, it is quite difficult to narrow down the exact problem leading to falling wages for particulars groups of workers. The characteristics of the group, skills, the industry, morals and motives, as well as the drivers are all to blame while dealing with falling wages. Freeman pointed out that low-skill workers in the more advanced countries are predestined by the global labor supply, rather than by domestic labor market relations.
How do you see similar complexities in the new situation that the previous articles or videos discussed? Is their explanation the only possible explanation for the hollowing out of "middle class" employment opportunities? Choose an author or authors whose ideas you've encountered for this class (Brynjolfsson/McAfee, Miller, Rosling, Lanier, or Dorn/Autor) and see if you can present a counter explanation for their perspective. What other factors might be causing the problem of rising economic inequality?
In the Lainer article, he emphasizes that the advances in technology may be a factor leading our economy into a recession with the middle class being most at risk. The middle class is no longer a safe place to be with