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I chose to write about the Jehovah’s Witness religion because I feel it is the most different religion from all of the rest. They believe in the bible but they intrepid it a different way which is called New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. They differ from other religions because they do not celebrate any holidays and feel as if an Armageddon imminent. They say that they are part of the Christian belief but most Christians differ on that because Jehovah’s Witness worship Jehovah and not Jesus Christ. Many of the other religions have a problem with Jehovah’s Witness because they go against most of the other religions. For an example, other religions celebrate Christmas for the sake of it being Jesus’s birthday, and Jehovah’s Witness do not, I believe that other religions may feel that this is disrespectful. When it comes to American Culture and the parts that Jehovah’s witnesses have played a role in trying to shape a person into making them someone better. If a person has committed a crime and is in jail Jehovah’s witness will go in there and try to talk to these people and try to get them to turn their life over to Jehovah and try to make them into a better person. They strive to make themselves the example of a model citizen. They also play a big role in helping someone when natural disasters happen; they are often the first civilians on site to help fellow witnesses and non-witnesses also. I believe Jehovah’s Witness are discriminated against all of the time, by other religions and people who do not follow and certain religion. They are such a different type of religion some people may feel as if it is not a real religion. People also have a bad outlook on them because of the way they have interpret the bible in their own ways and assume certain things are going to happen that some other religions do not sure as Armageddon. More popular religions look at Jehovah’s Witness as almost a joke, and when a person see’s a Jehovah’s Witness walking to their door they normal will not answer or be very rude to them before even hearing what they have to say.
I knew a little about Jehovah’s witness before starting to write this paper but I have learned a little bit more and it has helped me better understand their beliefs and the reasons behind certain things that they do and it also helped me look at them in a different light because I did not know all of the stuff that they do for the community and that when natural disaster happen they are normally the first to step in and lend a helping hand to everyone of any religion. I chose to write about the Asian decent ethnic group because I feel that they are more different from other ethnic groups, with their language, their history, their beliefs, and culture of life. When a person thinks of someone of an Asian decent they tend to think right away of someone who is Chinese’s or Japanese but most people do not think of other countries such as Afghanistan which is a part of west Asia and I believe people do not put two and two together because someone who is from the Philippines and someone from