Week 4 Individual Assignment Interventions Case Study Essay

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Interventions Case Study
Matt Gunther
Amanda Williams

The case of Sean
The case study chosen is about Sean which comes from chapter 7 in the Crisis Intervention Case Book. Sean is a 19 year old sophomore who is currently on disciplinary probation for getting in a fight during freshman year and breaking the other students jaw. Sean admits to drinking and also smoking marijuana since high school and occasionally on campus. Currently Sean was brought to the emergency room by a friend after passing out on the lawn at a beer party. His friend had seen that Sean vomited all over himself and would not wake up. His friend then called 911 and an ambulance came. At the emergency room Sean’s stomach was pumped and a blood
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Connecting with others who know first-hand what you’re going through can help reduce feelings of isolation, fear, and hopelessness. Staying motivated and positive is much easier when you have others you can turn to and lean on to help you get through tough times.
It would also benefit Sean to join a school club or sport. Sean would feel part of a team and can spend extra time practicing and keeping busy instead of drinking. If Sean’s drinking escalates then he may need to attend weekly AA meetings. Sean could also look into changing dorms to one that I think the last draw would be moving back home and getting away from the partying environment. His parents could give him support and he would have a safe place to come home to after classes and on the weekends.
Strategy to implement change
There is not much that can be done to change someone who doesn’t believe they have a problem and who doesn’t want to change. However the university that Sean attends could set a new policy to make changes within the school and students. It seems to me that there are many parties which include drinking, and drugs on school property and any plans would have to include limiting drinking on campus and in the dormitories, a strong drug enforcement policy and disiplines when these policies are broken. A strategy could be for the school to ban excessive partying to the point