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Week 4 Mini Case Analysis: The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

Molly Thorvilson
Operations Management
University of St. Mary
Linderman Industries implemented a project organization strategy in an attempt to kick-start a Mexican subsidiary. While it may have been a difficult situation, Project Mexicano ended up being successful. Projects are composed of a unique set of activities established to realize a given set of objectives in a limited time span. (Stevenson 774) Projects go through a life cycle that involves definition, planning, execution, and delivery and termination. (Stevenson 774) All of these steps were made and achieved in the case of Linderman Industries. Project organization worked in this case. That being said, there are other strategies to achieve a similar goal, and Linderman Industries could have had an even more positive outcome if it had explored other strategies before going ahead with project organization the way it did.
Just one of the problems with Linderman Industries’ project organization strategy was that there was no assurance that those who took on new roles in Mexico City would have their same position when the operation ended. These team members were existing employees of the organization that were offered new opportunities that had virtually no promise after two years. Furthermore, the workers may end up working for two bosses who impose differing demands, it may disrupt friendships and daily routines, and it presents the risk of being replaced on their current job. (Stevenson 748) In addition to employees, it is difficult on their managers. Those team members are selected to work on special project because the knowledge or abilities they possess are needed. (Stevenson 748) They may be needed for the project, but they’re needed for their regular jobs as well, therefore managers are often reluctant to let them go. Unfortunately in the case of Project Mexicano, too many key people fell into these scenarios. Some didn’t want to take a temporary position for fear of financial instability upon their return with the possibility of no job, and some simply couldn’t leave their manager or their manager threatened to resign from their position if the key employee left.
After the team for Project Mexicano was ready and working, there were still issues among personnel. For example, Carl Conway struggled to get other employees to change their production dimensions to the metric system. Conway had to take the issue to Robert Linderman, who voted in his favor. Even after Conway won the initial battle, Jim Burke told Conway that