Hcs 451 Organizational Performance Management Paper

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Organizational Performance Management
Rachel Bosch, Ocie Teska, Parris Doolittle, Stephanie Booker, Theresa Seaman and Tiara Smith
December 23, 2013
Gaze, John MD

Organizational Performance Management
All health care organizations are put into place to help people. They are all be a little different. The same is true for Frontier Behavior Health, The American Red Cross, and John Hopkins Hospital. It is important for any type of health care facility to have a way to monitor and manage performance as well as ensure that they are in compliance with the laws. They all need some kind of leadership and a good communication system put in place to align the organizations goals. Compliance with regulations and risk and quality management contributes to the organization’s performance management.
Frontier Behavior Health provides services for mental illness. John Hopkins hospital also provides mental health services. American Red Cross does not provide mental health services. FBH does not provide an inpatient treatment like John Hopkins Hospital does. John Hopkins has inpatient and outpatient services for a wide array of medical services. FBH and JHH both have medication management and medical diagnosis. American Red Cross is put into place for disaster relief. They are able to provide life saving techniques like JHH. FBH does not have the capabilities to provide lifesaving services. All three organizations provide support for the patient and the families. The American Red Cross provides humanitarian services. The other two organizations do not do this. All three of these organizations serve all ages, races, religions, and genders. American Red Cross helps those that need basic necessities, victims of crisis, or need blood products. FBH assists those with a mental illness and JHH assists those that have any medical need.
The American Red Cross is similar to the Frontier Behavior Health organization because they both help individuals who may be in a crisis/disaster situation such as hurricanes or suicide prevention. Both of these organizations do provide education to those individuals in which they serve, the Red Cross offers lifesaving skills (CPR and First Aid) and the Frontier Behavior Health (FBH) provides individuals on how to cope with mental illness in your family. The FBH provides prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, recovery, integrated ages where as the American Red Cross tries to prevent and alleviate human suffering in emergency situations. The American Red Cross helps support individuals internationally where FBH supports the community in which their facilities are located. There are approximately 100 facilities within the FBH organization where the American Red Cross has around 650 Chapters nation wide.
The Red Cross is similar to John Hopkins Hospital to which they both offer to educate individuals, but the Red Cross provides training to anyone who wants to learn about life saving techniques and John Hopkins provides education/teaching opportunities to medical students. John Hopkins differs from the American Red Cross due to the fact that John Hopkins provides health care services to anyone who need medical care that comes into the hospital and the Red Cross provides lifesaving services through trained staff and volunteers to individuals involved in a disaster, or are affiliated with the Armed Services.
Performance and Compliance
FBH has a compliance program that is set up as the foundation for adhering by all the laws and regulations. The program is set up in such a way to identify if it has been breached. FBH combines their ethics and compliance standards to make up the Compliance program. FBH has many committees that are in charge of maintaining the quality improvement and management. The committees work with one another to ensure quality and needs of the consumer are being met. This is evaluated with outcome indicators and monitored in day to day activities.
The American Red Cross’