Wireless Technologies Proposal

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Wireless Technologies Proposal

Erica Cashen, Jeymi Charles

BIS / 220

September 18, 2014

Dean MatthewsWire
Two wireless technologies to implement in the Party Plates organization
The two wireless technologies that would benefit the organization the most are wireless devices and intrabusiness applications. Wireless devices include tables and cellphones and can maintain an employee mobile. Intrabusiness applications allow for an effortless function such as mobile delivery and dispatch services. There are several strengths and weakness to these wireless technologies.
The pros and cons of the two wireless technologies Wireless devices such as cell phone will permit the employees of Party Plates to become more flexible in their workplace. An employee will be able to allocate their schedule and can using applications to become more productive in his or her place of work. Although it permits the employee to be able to be itinerant, the con to issuing company cell phones is that employee may abuse the cell phone. The employee may also feel the company is tracking them or may have concern with his or her privacy.
Intrabusiness applications can benefit the company by permitting management to dispatch job roles to include details of the job. It will also help the company by assisting with transportation, utilities and security. The downside to intrabusiness application is that it has to be created by professionals and may be expensive to put up depending on the needs of the company.
A justification for the decision and the risks A spreadsheet to track hardware or software

Intrabusiness Applications
Although B2C m-commerce gets considerable publicity, most of