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This document aims to showcase and cover all the important parts that I seek to achieve and include in my site design in the course of taking this class, it actually acts as a blue print for me to use in carrying out my designs in this class. It also outlines all the structural design elements that I will include in my website and how they will be included so as to ensure I have a properly designed website at the end of the course.

In this my web design class, I seek to develop a website that I can use as my small personal blog for my personal information. The site will hold my basic information and pictures and with time I’ll build on more functionalities to add into it.

Since it will be my personal blog, my target audience will be my friends, family and people who want to know more about me like potential employers etc.

The site will have icon blog as the LOGO and I’ll add pictures that showcase my life and family as I continue building it with time. Also with time as I learn more about web design and web design tools like graphics tools and CSS support I’ll add more quality pictures that will increase the sites outlook.

In the website I’ll use different fonts at different times with headlines having bigger fonts than any other text. As for the colors, I will maintain constant color on headers and constant color for content information so as to create consistency which is a good wed design elements.
As for the language, it will be English

INTERACTIVE DEISGN The site will implement CSS, Navigations capabilities and with time also some JavaScript. All this at the end is meant to make the site as interactive as possible so as to be convenient to the users (my visitors) as possible.
Some of the future functionalities that will improve interactivity will include ability to comment on my posts after you register and I accept your request to participate as a contributor in my blog. The registration forms and validation forms will also future interactive capabilities that can do interact with the user if any wrong details are provided. In the future I expect to add capabilities for showcasing photos in sliders that my users can use to scroll through photos just like using a family picture album.

My site pages would future three main parts in all the web pages. This would be the
The header and footer will remain consistent throughout all my different pages. The body will be the one that will be always changing. Content body will hopefully feature use of most of the HTML elements, from paragraphs to divs to tables and forms.
This will be the landing page when you hit the URL to my site. In the homepage I want to generally explain what the site is about so that my visitors can know what the site would be featuring about by just having a brief look at the homepage.
My homepage will feature a big banner picture of written blog, it will also have a logo of my name in the future and some neatly arranged links that I plan to build to be a fully functional navigation menu in the coming classes.
The homepage will also have three well-arranged place holders that I plan to use for putting any new picture or video that I’ll will have recently uploaded in the site.
In the homepage I’ll also put a white back ground that later I would want to put some picture water marks in it.
The home page will also have a welcome note and a little bit information