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Decision Making in Clinical Care
Susheela Chandmal
Grand Canyon University
Foundations and Concepts of Health Care Informatics
Dr.Riyad Naser
February 16, 2015

Decision Making in Clinical Care
Numerous research studies have revealed that there is information slaughter during interruptions, and that multitasking creates elevated reminiscence stack, together contribute to clinical error. Nowhere else is this more serious than in the emergency room (ER), where the stress of clinical decision is on the sagacious evaluation and stabilization of patients. There is a urgent need for premium, valuable way of scheming, budding, presenting, implementing, evaluating, and maintaining the entire types of clinical decision support system (CDSS) for clinicians, patients and consumers (Dean F. Sitting, 2008).
Research and models have proved that decisions concluded in the medical ground can be improved by systems that can increase the clinician’s capacity to strive with data and information. An automated CDSS and decision support system (DSS) that mimics human decision making, which can create the clinical analytic progression, and avoid error.
Since I am an ER nurse and I have been going through multitasking every day with multiple errors. So my future plan is to work in an environment such as ‘Decision Making in Clinical Care’ and counteract these errors through the improvement in the process of CDSS and DSS. This paper emphasis reports on decision making in clinical care, describe the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of an Electronic Medical record (EMR).
A definition of decision making in clinical care is a route of knowledge based action taken while captivating selection among alternatives. When an innovative knowledge is generated old knowledge is replaced by new knowledge. New knowledge is based on cognitive and leadership to improve existing system. Therefore new knowledge is valuable in process of decision making in clinical care (Abbott, 2002).

My practical experience in ER shows the environment of communication process is very complex and multitasking which can compromise patient care. As mentioned in the text book-An Interdisciplinary Approach, “the phenomenon of study in nursing informatics is not the computer technology but rather the data, information, and knowledge of nursing” (Abbott, 2002). Means the knowledge of nursing is involved in decision making and it is evidence based. The decision making is a knowledge based action and commitment to patient care. Therefore understanding decision making and its application will make difference in patient care and avoid error.
CDSS and DSS helps in improving patient care; reduce costs, distribution of expert knowledge, organizing clinical difficulty, monitoring medical facts, supervising administrative difficulty, helps to educate students, residents, and overall supporting in clinical research (Abbott, 2002). However, at present there are not many CDSS implementations adopted in regular medical use that have considerably delivered on the assurance to advance healthcare processes. Although there have been range of successes at particular sites in individual domains. Yet these successes have typically not been extensively simulated (Stafford, 2011).
Standards-based interfaces externally maintained CDSS that every EMR could pledge in such a way that healthcare organizations and practices can implement innovative place of the CDSS interventions by slight or no additional attempt on their division. The plug and play with EHR and CDSS implementation will significantly pace the change from research pronouncement to extensive practice by process improvement and application will avoid errors in multi task area. CDSS modules may be planned in such a way so that they can be encumbered into a clinical information