Week 5 Assessment Essay

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1. Read the Case Study. All of the questions and MS®Project® schedule will be based on the facts of the included Case Study.
2. Read each question. Note the Question # and a brief heading above your written response to each question. Use subheadings to help organize your thoughts and comments. Use enough narrative for the sake of clarity. Use bullet points for elements that lend themselves well to lists.
3. When done, submit your document, and the Project® mpp file to the Assessment assignment for Week 5.
4. Submit your Certificate of Originality with the assignment.
Thanks for giving this your best effort!

Case Study
Business Background: Elegant Lighting is a growing, 10-year old company in a large metropolitan area.
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It also lays the ground work for all the people involved to know all the aspects of the project. I will go into some details of what is included into the project charter and the benefits of this having this information included in the project charter. The project charter is usually created in the second phase of the project. The project goal is usually created before the project charter.
2. Create a scope document so that all constituencies or stakeholders to this project understand the scope.

a. The scope document will include all the tasks, that will be completed, will also define the Change process to get anything added to the project, the timelines and the expected results. It Will also include what is out of scope
The project scope of this project will be change the database to track current inventory, track sales person, and set reorder limits so inventory is never sold out. Currently out of scope is creating the Web interface front end to access the database back end

3. Create a Requirements document that ties the business requirements to the goals of the project.
a. The requirements document will include all the business requirements of the project leader, so that the tasks can created based on what the business exepects. Then this information can be passed on to the team that is designing the change in the database in this case
b. The requirements for this project are the following
Have 6 POS systems