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This introduction class is a boot camp for your brain as it help answer question about yourself that you did not knew to ask yourself. A classmate Trishina Young stated in her Discussion post “I must admit that I wasn't prepared the first time around in this class. Because I had just assumed that if you have been in one online school, you’ been through them all.” We shared this misguided attitude towards online-learning and I have struggle through these weeks in this class. Personal Dimension of Education have redefine learning as an active process of putting effort into my thoughts. This class teaches you to evaluate yourself and your surround as well as how to understand them. I am a strong-willed learner. I work alone as machine operator and I am happy that I can control my day to day which includes the decisions of which order I do first, the process of how I start, and the outcomes of my productivity. I lead myself and I have light supervision. I initially was a Production lead when I started, but others find it hard to follow my lead due to the fact I only teach how I would do things without bending my views. Together these patterns help me dissect life, and knowing more knowledge of these patterns allow me to be aware on how I approach people and problems. In the Sequence Learning Pattern I score a 31. I am using this pattern when I am prioritizing and arranging my thoughts before acting. In the Precise Learning Pattern I score a 29. I am using this pattern when I am gathering information. In the Technical Learning Pattern I score a 27. I am using this pattern when I write briefly the meaning or sometimes abbreviated. In the Confluent Learning Pattern I score a 30. I am using this pattern when I am looking at the outcomes of my actions. All of my learning pattern fall in the “use first” range. I actively use all of them when doing an assignment. In the Sequence Learning Pattern I tend to create a checklist out of the direction when doing anything new. In the Precise Learning Pattern is motivated by my pride when I start anything I need to complete it. In the Technical Learning Pattern, I use this learning pattern by finding the purpose in the assignment. In the Confluent Learning Pattern reinsured me that I see everything differently than others, even with the instructor when I knew I put my all into an assignment. I wasn’t aware of the technical definition of these patterns but was all way using them. Now I am able to do assignment with more intelligent effort. The challenges I face with my unique combination of Learning Patterns that I score equally in opposing patterns. Confluence Pattern is dominates the learning pattern, so I am…