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Week Five Check Point CPT Coding CPT is a listing of five digit codes that identify services and procedures performed by physicians in any setting, and by facilities for services and procedures performed in any outpatient setting. CPT is divided into three categories of codes: Category 1. Procedures that are consistent with contemporary medical practice and are widely performed. Category 2. Supplementary tracking codes that can be used for performance measures. Category 3. Temporary codes used for emerging technology services and procedures. As the new medical officer for this facility, I would like to establish buzzwords so that the coding process is easier for everyone to understand. Since category one is the most common used coding system, we shall label it, “Common Code”. They consist of five digits but no decimals, and the codes represent various procedures that are widely practiced and typically consistent with the specified medical practice. An example of a “Common Code” would be: 99253 Initial Patient Consultation We will refer to the codes in category two as “Option Codes”. These codes are usually used when tracking performance measures for a medical purpose. They are optional codes that are not paid by any insurance carriers. These codes consist of an alphabetic character in the place of the fifth digit. An example of an “Option Code” would be: 0003F Tobacco use smoking assessed. The third category will be referred to as “Temp Codes”. They have been…