Week 5 Employee Training Paper Final

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Career Development
Michael Naylor
HRM/300 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
May 11, 2015
Eli Harden

Employee Training and Career Development
Many companies now days are looking for knowledgeable and well trained employees to help their organization succeed. It is important to companies that employees can perform their entire assigned task and or duties in the necessary time needed to ensure the organization is setting and achieving all goals that are put into place. As we all know, in this ever changing world, technology changes often, so some employees may lag behind when it comes to training and learning new responsibilities that will help them perform better. Businesses are in charge of their own success, making training & development a number one priority when it comes to the developing the organization.
Training is an important part of a company’s success within the organization. The company should always provide the necessary tools needed for all employees to get the best training possible. By ensuring their employees are trained, it allows the company to grow as well as the employees growing with it. Training gives employees a feeling that they are actually important in the organization and play a big role in ensuring all goals are met.
Job rotation is an employee development method which most companies participate in allowing employees to be trained in various different jobs inside the organization. Some pros of companies participating in job rotation would be increase in employee interest level and motivation. Companies that allow employees to rotate jobs will stay focused and not get bored with doing the same thing over and over again, which will lead to higher employee motivation and their interest level to learn different things could ultimately grow. Another pro of job rotation would be if an employee was out on vacation or medical leave, other employees who participated in the rotation will be well trained on the absent employees job duties so they can be done in a timely manner, and nothing falls behind. This also gives the absent employee eases of mind knowing they won't come back to a long list of things that need to be done. delinquent accounts goes on medical leave for 3 months, and there is no one to perform the daily shut offs, which would result in the company allowing delinquent customer to keep utility service because no one was trained on how to shut off accounts.
Assistant-to-Positions are employees with demonstrated potential sometimes work under a seasoned and successful manager, often in different areas of the organization. Working as staff assistants, or in some cases, serving on special boards, these individuals perform many duties under the watchful eye of a supportive coach. In doing so, these employees experience a wide variety of management activities and are groomed for assuming the duties of the next higher level. (DeCenzo, 2007) I believe an assistant-to-positions is very beneficial to organizations and employees, because not only is the employee learning something new and expanding their knowledge and skill in the area of the organization, they are being prepped to help understand things from a management standpoint, so if a position was to become available they would be already have training under their belt from successful managers. Committee assignments give employees opportunities in the organization when it comes to decision –making, it allows them to assist other in making important decisions. It’s also beneficial because employees are getting a change to learn by watching what others in the committee are doing, and how they completing task. Committee assignments give employees a great opportunity to become more familiar with all the members throughout the organization, and the problems that arise. With today’s technology lecture courses and seminars are extremely beneficial to employees because they are often offered in a distance learning format, giving the