Implementing Change Report

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Implementing Change Report

Implementing Change Report
The ability to change is crucial to the success of any organization and has never been more important than it is in today’s changing environment. Certain elements must be in place in an organization for change to take hold such as functional and effective leaderships and a culture that promotes and rewards change. This report will help Kudlers Fine Foods in modification within the organizations sales division. The report consist of five stages in implementing change that include:
Stage one, managing and evaluating the change procedures, study and observe devices and what methods to use. Stage two, the monitoring of the modification process over the procedures for expected possibilities for the changes within in the organization. Stage three, recognizing at risk divisions of the modification procedure open to modification resistors including the reasons for methods that will overcome the resistors the organization needs. Stage four, explanation of the advantages methods used in the practices of improving the modifications. Last but not least, step five, discuss how the method of modification can affect the organization.
Changes to Implement
Kudler’s Fine Foods sales division relating to the sale of wine, sale of exceptional food items, and customer’s registering for the Kudler’s wine appreciation courses are unsatisfactory. A potential modification is under consideration that will offer extra training to the current sales reps in the sales department. Additional training will inform sales of the issues the department faces. The training is mandatory and every employee in the sales must attend. It is important for management to implement a bonus structure. This will help keep the motivation of the employees to push for their best and in turn ensuring the sales in wine and exceptional food to increase and influence the customer to register for our wine appreciation courses.
Kudlers Fine Foods believes in receiving precise modifications appealing, effective, and beneficial to not only the company, but to its employees as well. We can obtain higher level profit, success and effectiveness by approving and submitting an application for the modification. The administration of Kudlers Fine Foods will use the modification control method that will help management interact a shared mission (Wiley, 2008). The modification control method will also inform employees on why the organization is in need of this modification and how modification is beneficial to employees and the company’s performance (Wiley, 2008). Management’s main focus are properly to apply the modification to employees as well as the company stakeholders.
Monitoring and Evaluating Supervision must be constant as this is an important process of an organization modification application. Due to the problems in Kudler’s sales division it is important for management continuously to supervise production in every division carefully, using measurements and observation devices. The frequency of reviews depends on the nature of the change in which it is operating. Rapid change may want to monitor implementation of the plan at least on a monthly basis. Boards of directions should see status of implementation quarterly and chief executives should see status at the least of a monthly basis ("Basics of Monitoring, Evaluating and Deviating from the Strategic Plan", n.d.). Always include the following in your written reports: Answers to the key questions goals, objectives, and priorities, trends regarding the progress or lack thereof toward goals, recommendations about the status, and any action needed by management ("Basics of Monitoring, Evaluating and Deviating from the Strategic Plan", n.d.).
Anticipated Opportunities There are often times when the modifications will cause operating and functioning capability of the organization possibilities. These possibilities may improve how the sales