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Job Loss
Jermaine M. Cox
April 2, 2015
John Rudin

Job Loss
The process of conducting a business research involves an organization of understanding the essential of the problem and issues. Once those factors are identified, the research can progress in moving forward to the scientific method. This is the essential basis of instrument used for business research that frames the outcome of a define solution. In our current economic state, companies and businesses seem to be at a state were retaining their employees seem to wither away at a slow rate. Individuals seem to be losing their jobs because the demand for certain industries have decreased. In the research paper, we will discuss the sampling size when a research is conducted for job loss. Criteria will be outlined on how the sampling size will be determined. The data gathered for job loss can be used on various statistical tests that will show the cause and effect of the results displayed. All in all, the scientific method and the applied research will distinguish the factors of job loss in our economic market.
In order to determine the cause, effect, and any possible ways to avoid job loss, the method chosen to gather the data is the survey. This survey will target the currently unemployed. Ads will be placed in local newspapers looking for participants to complete the survey. The survey would target people in all major metropolitan areas. It would also look to get participants from different ethnic backgrounds. The development of the survey will ask questions that are geared around their locations, personal questions, employment questions, and current job searching situation. During the design of the survey, the questions will be designed in order to determine causes of unemployment, and ways to avoid unemployment. The idea is to take information derived from the survey and use as a way to come up with ways to avoid the high levels of unemployment that plagues the United States. Some of the benefits of a survey are low cost, high reliability, administration from remote locations, and measurement of the results can be precise with the standardized set of questions that will be asked. With benefits, there are also downfalls of surveys that include possible inability to tell the truth or remember facts, standardized questions may not be appropriate for all respondents, and a large number of respondents must reply in order to have a strong outcome. With this research problem, the survey would be the best way to reach out and receive data from a larger portion of the affected population. The cost benefits will also help with this problem as the survey will reach out to so many in the pursuit of knowledge.
To achieve the best survey, we would need to find the most appropriate sampling method. This would need to meet successfully the goals in our study by means of individuals within the currently unemployed, which we intend to represent. Two concerns we need to implement is precision and accuracy. This effectiveness depends on many factors. Finding the "best" sampling method is a four-step process.
Listing the research goals. With a combination of accuracy, precision, and/or cost.
Find the probable sampling methods, which will accomplish these goals.
Test the methods for the capability to achieve these goals.
Choose the sampling method, which works the best to achieving the goals.

After heavy research on our subject of "Job Loss" the appropriate sampling method to use is attain a list of the currently unemployed, described in the paragraphs above. After acquiring this, send a survey out to these persons with the set amount of questions pertaining to their loss of a job. Some of the questions we would use are:
1. What economic factors are related to job loss? This question can determine what, if any, economic factors can be related to the loss of jobs. If economic factors are related to job loss, it is possible to determine what