Taking A Look At Willis-Knighton Health System

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Willis-Knighton Health System
Introduction to Health Services and Information Systems
Chasity Stringfellow

Specific Purpose:
To discuss Health Services and Information Systems of Willis-Knighton Health System

I will discuss the type of information system used at Willis-Knighton Health System, its functions, how records are accessed, and who uses the system. I will also focus on the history and size of the facility, ownership, services offered, and accreditation and certification facts.

A. Located in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, Wiliis-Knighton to serve one of the city’s newest suburban areas. Willis-Knighton South, the first satellite hospital in the state, serves southwest Shreveport. Across the Red River, Willis-Knighton Bossier Health Center is located in northern Bossier City. And Willis-Knighton Pierremont Health Center serves southeast Shreveport and south Bossier City.
B. Willis-Knighton Health System is the largest medical center in Louisiana that encompasses some 3.8 million heated square feet (more than 600 acres) on four hospital campuses.
C. The hospital was founded as Tri-State Sanitarium by Dr. T.E. Williams and Dr. L.H. Pirkle to address needs in the fast-growing neighborhoods of west Shreveport. It was sold four years later to Dr. James C. Willis and Dr. Joseph E. Knighton.
D. Willis-Knighton is a growing community with a metropolitan service area population of approximately 400,000 and a tertiary care population approaching 1 million.
E. Willis-Knighton offers a wide range of services. They offer services in every medical area, including inpatient and outpatient. from Addiction Recovery Audiology, Bariatric Surgery, Behavioral Medicine, Cancer Center, Children’s Services, Critical/Intensive Care, Emergency/Urgent Care, Extended Care, Home Health, and Hospice just to name a few.
F. Willis-Knighton facilities are licensed by the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, certified by United States Department of Health and Human Services (for participation in Medicare) and are accredited by The Joint Commission.

I. Health information users at Willis-Knighton
At Willis-Knighton Health System, everyone utilizes health information.
A. Physicians
B. Nurses
C. Patients
D. Receptionists
E. Researchers
F. Administrators

II. Accessing the health information
A. Willis-Knighton has both paper and electronic records.
B. To obtain access to paper records, the physician or medical staff would have to go to the HIM in the medical records department and make a request for the information.
C. To obtain access to electronic records, the physician or medical staffs who have access to a computer can log on for the information.

III. Information system used at Willis-Knighton

A. The information system used at Willis-Knighton Health System is MEDITECH by MEDITECH systems.
B. MEDITECH products have achieved certification through the Drummond Group, under the Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) program.
C. MEDITECH offers fully integrated software solutions designed to meet the needs of health care organizations of all types and sizes. These systems consist of 20 integrated products. The interoperability of this system is to support the clinical, financial, and administrative needs of health care organizations.
D. Willis-Knighton has several separate systems for each department. MEDITECH information system is a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and is classified as a clinical information system.

IV. Function of the information system
A. This information system was designed to support the delivery of safe, cost-effective patient care throughout the continuum. Information from acute care, clinics, accident and emergency, and other care venues is unified to help Willis-Knighton to better manage patient health and improve outcomes.
B. MEDITECH does in fact connect with Willis-Knighton’s other information systems with a