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Sustaining Employee Performance at Lafleur Trading Company Erin Lamaster, Paul Harper,
Kendrick Robinson, and Kristen Walker
Kristine Perilla
July 14, 2014

There are many factors involved in employee performance. Performance management systems are efficient at retaining the best employees and working toward their job satisfaction. At Lafleur, we are about sustaining our employees and giving them the best tools to make them successful. We will discuss the position of a salesperson and a local delivery driver at Lafleur, the compensation plans and job evaluation methods for these positions, and the importance of providing employee benefit plans.
Job Description Summary
At Lafleur, we have two particular positions that play a very intricate part in the overall success of our business. Our delivery drivers and salespersons represent the face of the organization when interacting with our clients. Lafleur’s sales agents are responsible for generating sales, merchandising products, and providing fast and superior customer service. Our delivery drivers have the same responsibility as our sales agents with the addition of safely driving an insured company vehicle to pick up and deliver packages and merchandise. We hire individuals in these roles who possess excellent customer service skills, a strong ability to learn, and who are organized, attentive and detailed oriented with an outgoing and professional personality.
Performance Management Systems
Performance Management is a process designed to help create a work environment in which individuals are empowered to perform to the best of their abilities. At Lafleur, we have developed a system where we are dedicated to clearly defining and developing job descriptions for our employees, and are providing effective training, education and employee orientation. We have also implemented on-going employee reviews followed by detailed feedback and coaching. We realize that showing employees that they are appreciated has an effect on employee morale and the work environment overall, so we make sure that we provide career development to all of our employees. We have created a compensation and recognition program so that our employees know that we appreciate the work that they do, and they are rewarded properly for their contributions to the organization.
One last thing that we have incorporated into our Performance Management System is an exit interview process. It is imperative to know why an employee wishes to leave the organization. This is the perfect opportunity for the company to evaluate current programs, and procedures and practices in order to make improvements. We want to make sure that we have a clear understanding as to why one of our valued team members would want to leave us. This feedback will give us the opportunity to improve anything that may not be working so that we will not lose another valued member of our team for the same reason in the future.
Job Evaluation Methods
At Lafleur Trading Company, every one of our employees are special to us and are treated as such. We have told them all before and remind them daily that, "Our employees are the lifeblood of our business. You are the face of the company and our customers' perceptions of the Company come from their interactions with you. It is important that you always act courteously and professionally when you interact with any customer." With this being a foundation for how our employees should act on a daily basis as well as how we view them, this gives them the push that they need to be outstanding and pass their evaluations with flying color.
At Lafleur we run our evaluations quarterly to monitor how everyone is doing in the company and ascertain what we can do to continuously better ourselves, for our employees and our customers. Two job evaluation methods that we favor most are Individual Rankings and Management by Objectives (MBO). We like for our employees to have goals and to be challenged