Week 6 Essay

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The Rocking-Horse Winner and The Garden-Party didn’t really hold my attention. I thought both stories had an interesting plot, but the rest of the read wasn’t captivating. I also thought that both of these short stories focused on completely different themes, but they were subtly told. The Rocking-Horse Winner had a negative tone to it. The main message I took away from this story was ‘don’t let obsession get the best of you.’ The mother, Hester, in D.H. Lawrence’s story was the one character I was particularly interested in. She had a husband and three children, but she did not, or could not, love them. I truly wanted to learn more about the mother, and her thoughts on the fact “that at the center of her heart was a hard little place that could not feel love, no, not for anybody (Lawrence, 169).” Her obsession with money, especially her lack of it, was a big issue in why she couldn’t focus her attention and care to anything or anyone else. She spent most of her time upset over the fact that her husband wasn’t lucky, which is why they had no money. This obsession with luck and money rubbed off on her son, Paul. The extreme adoration of money transferred over to Paul, to the point where he thought the house whispered, “There must be more money! There must be more money! (170).” As a result to please his mother and prove he in fact was lucky, he became consumed by the need to get more money for his mother. Obsession is ultimately what led to poor Paul’s death. The manic nature of this young boy was unsettling to me, and his death also