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Adel Halim
Week 6 Assignment
1. Regulation or law proposal. Be very specific in the wording.
The regulation that I would propose would be called the E Commerce Consumer Protection Act (ECCPA). It would be an international mandated law which would require all businesses that operate and do business with consumers to have a 3rd party entity handle all transactions which includes personal information. The highly specialized 3rd party entity would focus primarily on the security of all transactions utilizing all new cryptographic and electronic signature technologies. This entity will consist of international IT personnel who are the brightest and most advanced around the globe. Businesses will no longer be allowed to keep personal user transaction information inside of their databases. An operating fee would be charged to each business entity for this service.
a. What problem did you find in your research online that your regulation plans to address?
The problem that my regulation seeks to provide a solution to involves the security and privacy issues that have plagued the E Commerce business community as of late. We must look ahead, as numerous major retail organizations have been hacked into and identity theft has reached new heights, consumers pocket books are at risk which means in turn that the global economy is at risk. And as these attacks are becoming more and more common, the most dangerous aspect in my opinion is the fact that there is no way of tracing who stole whoever’s information. This is a problem that must be addressed now, terrorist and other dangerous outside entities are always looking for different ways to attack the vulnerable. Security and privacy are two critical problems for both e-commerce consumers and sites alike. Without either, consumers will not visit or shop at a site, nor can sites function effectively without considering both.
b. What consequences might your proposed regulation/law have on affected businesses? Describe one good and one bad consequence.
Businesses would have to pay a mandatory fee for this service which could deter certain small businesses from wanting to operate. But on the bright side this could increase the integrity of business and increase E Commerce revenue as consumers feel more protected. Businesses will still be able to see what consumers purchase, how often they order, and other useful statistical data that companies like to store. Businesses just won’t be able to store consumer card information, so the option of paying by previously used data information would be eliminated. This regulation can also help weed out illegitimate business practices and