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Activity 7
Modern Awards cover most Australian employers and employees and contain the minimum terms and conditions for employees in particular industries and occupations.
While modern awards contain minimum wages, some modern awards have transitional arrangements in place, whereby the wage-related components that came into effect 1 July 2010 may be phased in over five years. The transitional provisions apply to: base rates of pay, including piecework rates casual and part-time loadings
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday penalty rates evening and other penalty rates
Shift allowances or penalties.
Enterprise agreements set out conditions of employment for a group of employees at one or more workplaces. Enterprise agreements will apply instead of a modern award. The pay rate in an enterprise agreement can't be less than the pay rate in the relevant modern award.
Activity 8
Competitive remuneration packages.
9.5% superannuation.
Incentive compensation program.
Salary sacrifice options for:
Voluntary superannuation.
Novated lease vehicle.
Financial Assistance:
Reasonable child care expenses covered when travelling on business.
Private health insurance at corporate rates.
Opportunities for:
Global and interstate work.
Workplace volunteering and financial support to the community groups our employees volunteer with.
Employee Programs:
Free of charge Employee Assistance Program, run by health professionals for employees and their families.
Employee recognition programs.
Access to wellness programs.
Training & Development:
Study assistance policies.
Time-off and financial support for approved educational courses (Education Tuition Aid Policy).
Access to leadership development support.
Generous leave entitlements.
Leisure days off in addition to annual leave.
Work/ Life Blend:
Family friendly, work/ life balance