The Importance Of Organizational Strategy

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key points in the chapter.
Organizational strategy reflects the use of the managerial levers of organization’s design, organizational culture and management control systems that coordinate and control work processes.
Organizational designers today must have a working knowledge of what information systems can do and how the choice of information system will affect the organization itself.
Increasingly information technology enables and supports networked organizations that can better respond to dynamic, uncertain organizational environments.
Information technology affects managerial control mechanisms: planning, data, performance measurement and evaluation, incentives and rewards. key points from the lecture
Incorporating IS as a fundamental organizational design component is critical to company survival.
Organization structures can facilitate or inhibit information flows.
Organizational design should take into account decision rights, organization structure and informal networks.
Flat, hierarchical, and matrix structured organizations are being enhanced by IT resulting in networked organizations.
IT affects managerial control mechanisms.
Management control at the individual level is concerned with monitoring, evaluating, providing feedback, compensating, and rewarding.
Organizational and national culture should be taken into account when designing and using IS. a brief discussion on your observations and interests from the topic. This can include related news