Week 7 Assignment Essay

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Week 7 Assignment
Chapter 17 Review Question
5. What are psychological contracts?
A psychological contract is an implicit agreement between an individual and an organization that specifies what each is expected to give and receive in the relationship.
Discussion and Communication
3. Does the career stage model have exceptions? In other words can it be applied to all careers? If not what are the exceptions?
Yes, I think there are exceptions to the career stage model. For example being an entrepreneur. There is not an advancement stage for you. You own the company there is nowhere for you to advance but you can decide to grow your business. When you reach your plateau you still have to decide is the business lucrative what do I do next?
5. How can organizations help employees with career management if there are fewer opportunities for promotion? They can offer educational opportunities. They can help employees with child care, elder care, and flexible work schedules to help maintain a healthy work life balance. Everyone does not need to be promoted to fell successful. We all have different motivators and rewarding people with a healthy work life balance can maintain employees.

Chapter 18
4. What are the major reasons individuals resist change? People resist change because of fear of the unknown, fear of loss or failure, Disruption of interpersonal relationships, politics, personality traits, cultural assumptions and values.
How can organizations deal with resistance?