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The service provided by both Popeyes and KFC to me differ in a few ways. KFC has most of its food pre-made and ready to go. Popeyes always has some of its food ready and pre-made which in reality, makes the service a bit slower. KFC has a smaller menu then Popeyes which makes it easier for the staff to create your meal which in turn cuts the time in half. I remember one instance when I went to Popeyes for lunch in Louisiana the employees were scrambling to quickly create the dish I ordered pretty much from scratch. This is never seen in KFC restaurants. All side dishes at KFC are pre-made and ready for the employees to quickly grab and serve to the customer as convent and fast as possible. Popeyes has an extensive menu and it takes more time for you to know only choose your meal but it takes more time for the employees to create your dish. Almost every KFC that is near a road has a drive through and with Popeyes this is not the case. There are more KFC restaurants that have a drive thru in the United States as well as other countries around the world than Popeyes has. With this being said, there are much more KFC restaurants available all over the world and with Popeyes this is not true. The ration between the amount of restaurants that these two fast food providers have are 5 to 1. The amount of food provided by KFC and Popeyes is similar which in turn makes these both a very hearty meal provider. The size of the portion given by KFC is just about the same weight as the sides given by Popeyes. The mashed potatoes and french fry sides are around the same serving size. The amount of chicken given by both restaurants are equal. The drinks from KFC and Popeyes are the same price and weight as each other. KFC and Popeyes both have the same drink vendor which is Coke products. I like that they both have the same vendor because its a very reliable company to have affiliated with your company as well as they have delicious products. The salads offered by both restaurants are not only alike but are around the same portions. Sometimes, both restaurants run a special salad dish in the spring which usually are still around the same type of salad with similar if not the same ingredients. This is a smart promotion on their part because it is part of a healthier living movement.

The recipes for KFC and Popeyes are very different when it comes to herbs, spices, and sides. I personally find that one restaurant uses more seasoning then another but that's my personal opinion. The recipe for chicken for KFC and Popeyes use different herbs and spices and sometimes more than the other. I find that Popeyes uses a lot of cheyenne pepper and tabasco within its batter. Popeyes originated in New Orleans, Louisiana. The recipes used in this restaurant are based upon bayou type recipes as well as old cajun and creole recipes. These recipes have been around for decades among their people and the city itself. Usually these remain within the…