Week 7 Checkpoint Essay

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Week 7 CheckPoint
What values underlie your desire to help others?
My values stem mostly from my need to make sure that my family is secure and taken care of. The text gives an example of counseling a pregnant young lady who is unsure about having the child. Knowing that I personally don’t believe in abortion, I would still give the young lady all of the information that she needs to make an informed decision. I would ask her what her reason for considering abortion is, is financial or fear etc. I would advise her to give her decision a lot of thought before she decided on anything. I also have it in my heart to help others and I love doing what I can to help people through tuff situations and being in the position as a human service worker will give me the vehicle to do that.
What would you like to accomplish in human services?
As a human services worker I would like to ensure that all children receive the care they need and deserve. I would also like to be involved in programs that help prevent the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus as well as educating people and encouraging testing and treatment. One of my friends recently died from the disease and I feel that with proper education about prevention, it would help put a stop to this disease. I would also like to help teenage parents be more responsible where it involves their children, when it comes to their health, their diet, and their education. I think some the issues that people who seek help is from a lack of knowledge, providing information is key in making a positive step forward.
How do you go about solving personal problems?
I have to be honest, when I have a problem. My initial reaction is to overreact. After I have “my moment” I like to sit down and weigh all of my options to see what would be the best avenue for me to take.