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Crystal Desjardins June, 17. 2015

Living Innovation
This is a privately funded human service agency. This agency places the disabled in a home with a family to help them with their everyday needs, takes them to doctor appointments, and one on one time and along with time with the family. This agency tries to keep the disabled out of nursing homes and puts them in homes where they will get the proper care and time they need. The agency gives the training needed for the individual and certifies the person that takes the disabled in their home, the agency does personal checkups and counseling with the person being taking care of to make sure they are getting the proper care they need, there are papers that are needed weekly showing all actions with the disabled and how they are doing.
The living innovations has some funding that comes from donations and families that can’t care for their children in their homes anymore because of certain reasons or just don’t have time for it and sign them up for this program or parents that have to pay child support will go to this program so that to goes to the funding in order to take care of the child with special needs but most of the funding comes from public funding through grants, human services monies, and Medicaid. There are numerous funding sources that are involved since the range of services provided is so great.
Very detailed billing and an enormous amount of