Mass Communication Research Paper

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Mass Communication Paper
XCom 100
June 27, 2011
Grace Moylan
Mass Communication Paper
I most often use the local news station (WPIX 16), in conjunction with their website and the local paper (The Standard Speaker), for information about local news and national news stories. The local station and standard Speaker cover events, stories, and human interest pieces that would not be considered newsworthy to those not living in or from this area. That is why I use them for my “go-to” news sources. They also cover national news quite well. If I want more information I watch Fox news or MSNBC; or I research the story online. Their corresponding websites often have more information than what fits in one segment of a thirty minute news show.
Mass communication also influences people’s actions. For instance, my grandson’s preschool graduation announcement would make the Standard Speaker, influencing parents, friends, and relatives of any of the students in the class. Like me, they will change plans and rearrange schedules to attend. Simply having an item printed in the paper tells the readers it is important. However anyone not affiliated with the preschool, its teachers, or students will likely not give it more than a passing thought.
In much the same way, all forms of mass communication influence society’s thoughts or opinions of people, events, or stories. Using placement, the media tells society how much importance people should place on each item. The further down the page