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To: Mr. H.R. Awesome Monty’s World LLC 1973 N. Check Yourself Ln. Chicago, IL 60606

From: Samuel Montanez HR Department Monty’s World LLC 1973 N. Check Yourself Ln. Chicago, IL 60606

Date: 29 May 2014

Re.: Concerns about Monty’s World LLC Compliance with EEO Laws

I am compelled to express concern about how we at Monty’s World LLC handle issues related to EEO and Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws.

As you know, the EEOC has determined that if a workplace environment is such that employees are afraid to make complaints; this environment can contribute substantially to a viable retaliation claim. Additionally, now any employee who participates in an investigation is also protected from retaliation. Additionally, we have a responsibility to investigate complaints promptly, thoroughly, and soundly. Just as important, we have a legal responsibility to prevent any harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation based on any category protected by our city, state, and federal laws. I am concerned about how the recent situation with Ms. Daniella Young and Mr. Michael Waaolder is being handled.

Ms. Young had filed a sexual harassment complaint stating that her supervisor Mr. Waaolder has made several unwanted act toward her. In her claim she adds that Mr. Waaolder has also spoken in an unprofessional manner that is not in compliant with Monty’s World LLC conduct. Upon learning of the complaint Mr. Waaolder reduced the number of hours and has gone as far as making derogatory statements in the presence of Ms. Young but not directly to her. Fellow employees like Mr. Waaolder and say they see nothing wrong with his actions but say they can see how it could be construed as rude and inappropriate.

I understand that Monty’s World have transferred Mr. Waaolder to another district facility and that Ms. Young has remained on as an employee. Yet I have concerns about the decision to transfer Mr. Waaolder and the manner in which it occurred. Though we found Mr. Waaolder vicarious liable their may have been other actions that were overseen. The fact that many months had passed from the report to actual actions, along with letters of reprimand sent out as pro performance evaluations.

Unless I am unaware of additional information or documentation related to this matter, I recommend that we revisit this situation and seek technical EEO and Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) assistance to ensure that we at Monty’s World LLC have not made any errors in violation of any aspect of EEO law.

If we learn that any errors have been or are being made, I recommend that we remediate those as soon as possible. Moving forward, I recommend that we consider implementing a decision- making protocol that will include technical assistance consultation from no-cost government or SHRM resources to prevent errors